• Arjuna Arjuna
  • Karna Karna


  • Abhimanyu

    Abhimanyu may attack any target, regardless of the formation Son of Arjuna, nephew of Krishna, and the greatest warrior of his generation

  • Ashwasena

    Any Warrior that takes damage from Ashwasena dies at the end of the turn. A deadly and vengeful son of a slain naga. He beseeched Karna to use him against Arjuna

  • Ashwathama the Elephant

    When Ashwathama the Elephant dies, opponent hero is unable to attack for 1 turn. A powerful elephant, oft confused for its human namesake

    Ashwathama the Elephant
  • Bhagadatta

    Powerful warrior, with demonic heritage.

  • Chyavana

    When Chyavana is played, all your Warriors and hero heal 2HP. While in play, he may heal 1 Warrior or your hero for 2HP each turn. Sage who possessed the knowledge to heal and rejuvenate one's youth

  • Drupad

    King of Panchala and father of Draupadi. Considered Drona his nemesis after losing half his kingdom in battle

  • Durvasa

    While Durvasa is in play, your opponent's total die roll is reduced by 1, and his spells cost 2 extra Energy A powerful sage, easily offended and of wrathful disposition, his hosts went to great lengths to please and appease him.

  • Elephant Warrior Elephant Warrior
  • Horseman Horseman
  • Kripacharya

    Immortal; When killed, returns to hand. While Kripacharya is in play you may launch Astras without a bow Prelate in the Kuru court, and early instructor of the Pandavas and Kauravas

  • Kritavarma

    Yadava warrior who led the Vrishni army

  • Longbowman Longbowman
  • Shikhandi

    Shikhandi cannot be attacked by a hero or directly targetted by astras. Sworn enemy of Bhishma following a previous incarnation as a woman, when Bhishma rejected him.

  • Swordsman Swordsman
  • Urvashi

    While Urvashi is in play, your opponent must deduct from his die roll the cost of any spells he has in play Premier celestial dancer in Indra's court, distracting many from their tasks with her charms

  • Uttar

    Son of Virata. Studied dance under Arjuna, who was then under the guise of Brihannala

  • Vidura

    When Vidura is played, there will be no battle until your next turn. Astras may not be cast, or spears thrown. Born of Vyasa's union with a Hastinapur Royal maidservant, he was half-brother to Pandu and Dhrithirashtra, and Prime Minister of Hastinapur

  • Virata

    When played, your hero is healed for 3HP, and all minions for 2HP. Your Hero cannot be attacked until your next turn. Grants the disguised Pandavas refuge in his kingdom, also named Virata



  • Abhimanyu's Chariot Wheel

    May only be equipped when Hero is below 10 health. Once all his armaments were destroyed, Abhimanyu mounted his final assault with a chariot wheel

    Abhimanyu's Chariot Wheel
  • Balrama's Plough

    Hero may not attack while equipped with Balarama's Plough. Favoured weapon of Balarama

    Balrama's Plough
  • Bronze Mace

    The Agni purana records twenty methods of handling a mace in combat.

    Bronze Mace
  • Bronze Sword

    Hero may be equipped with 2 swords Warriors trained to fight with a sword in each hand, or with a shield, javelin, belt or axe in their non-sword hand

    Bronze Sword
  • Bronze Tipped Spear

    May be discarded to do 2 damage to any target in enemy formation Spears were used by both cavalry and foot soldiers, as thrusting and missile weapons

    Bronze Tipped Spear
  • Gandiva

    If your attack destroys a Weapon, inflict the same damage on the hero. Created by Brahma, the Creator, and given to Arjuna by Varuna, the God of Water

  • Kavach and Kundal

    Weapon slot remains empty. Any physical or Astra damage aimed at Karna is reduced by 2. Must be destroyed before Karna or his Weapon can receive damage. Karna's congenital armour, bequeathed by his father, the Sun God

    Kavach and Kundal
  • Vijaya Bow

    Energy required for Karna to launch Astras reduced by 2 Passed on to Karna by his teacher, Parasurama. The weapon was created for Shiva himself

    Vijaya Bow
  • Wooden Longbow

    Allows Hero to launch Astras Archery was considered the most prestigious martial art and arrows the favoured means of delivering a divine payload.

    Wooden Longbow


  • Apsara Appears

    When cast, discard one spell opponent has in play. Discard after use Celestial dancers were often sent forth to distract men seeking dangerously powerful boons through penance

    Apsara Appears
  • Celestial Armaments

    Arjuna's weapons are blessed. If destroyed they are cast anew at the beginning of his turn. Before the Kurukshetra war, Indra blessed Arjuna with divine weapons

    Celestial Armaments
  • Fear of Durvasa

    When cast, return all spells opponent has in play to his hand. Discard after use. When faced with his wrathful displeasure, even great warriors cowered in fear of their fate.

    Fear of Durvasa
  • Field Promotion

    When cast upon a Warrior, grants +2 Attack and +2 Health to the Warrior. The rank of noblemen on the battlefield was determined by the titles, in ascending order, rathi, athirathi, and maharathi.

    Field Promotion
  • Indra's Sleight

    Deceit: When an opponent equips a Weapon, it is discarded. Discard after reveal. Indra, fearful of Arjuna's chances against the equally accomplished Karna, conspired to relieve Karna of his divine armour so that Arjuna may have a better chance of victory.

    Indra's Sleight
  • Putrakameshti Yagna

    Draw 2 cards. If neither is a Warrior, draw one more card. Discard after use. A yagna performed to beget children

    Putrakameshti Yagna
  • Sanjaya's Vision

    Your opponent must leave his hand visible to you at all times. Sanjaya was blessed with vision of all that transpired on the battlefield to relate the happenings to his blind king.

    Sanjaya's Vision
  • Tapas

    Store a maximum of 6 unspent Energy on this card with tokens. Add to your roll on a chosen turn and return card to hand. If spell is interupted, Energy is lost. Many warriors accumulated ascetic energy through penance and austerity

  • the Lord Puts His Foot Down

    Deceit: When an Astra, or attack greater than 4 is targetted at Arjuna, it misses. Discard after reveal. As Karna's deadly Nagastra apporached Arjuna, Krishna sank the chariot into the ground by the weight of his foot, thus saving Arjuna.

    the Lord Puts His Foot Down
  • Vriddhakshatra's Blessing

    The warrior bestowed with this blessing will destroy any Warrior that destroys it. Vriddhakshatra won from Lord Shiva a blessing, to shatter the head of any who caused his son's head to fall to the earth.

    Vriddhakshatra's Blessing


  • Agniastra

    Target takes 5 damage, and other Warriors in the row take 2 damage each. A divine arrow bequeathed by the God of Fire, Agni

  • Indrastra

    Deal 8 damage distributed across the front row of Warriors. (As evenly as can be done, at the discretion of the caster.) A divine arrow bequeathed by the King of Heaven, Indra

  • Pashupatastra

    Target takes 7 damage, and all your opponent's Warriors are disabled from attacking on their next turn. All beasts are immune to this astra. A divine arrow bequeathed by the Lord of beasts, Pashupatinath

  • Vasavi Shakti

    Deals 8 damage to target. May be launched without a bow. Humbled by his charity, Indra grants Karna a single use of his personal weapon.

    Vasavi Shakti


  • Shalya

    If Karna's attack destroys a target, he takes no damage from the target Charioteer of great skill, surpassed only by Krishna.

  • Standard Bearer

    All your Warriors have +2 Health.

    Standard Bearer


  • Chariot

    Whenever invoked, Hero may exhange positions with a Warrior in the formation. Consumes 2 Energy for each subsequent use. The preferred mount of senior warriors and generals

  • Flag of Hanuman

    The banner of Hanuman imbues Arjuna with the ability to attack twice whenever invoked. Consumes 2 Energy for each subsequent use. Hanuman, the Monkey God blesses Arjuna's Chariot by appearing on his flag

    Flag of Hanuman


  • Kurma Vyuha

    Your army is now arranged in a turtle shell formation. The helmed button denotes Hero's position. A defensive formation to protect the general.

    Kurma Vyuha
  • Trishula Vyuha

    Your army is now arranged in a trident formation. The helmed button denotes Hero's position. A trident formation, for flanking attacks

    Trishula Vyuha
  • Vajra Vyuha

    Your army is now arranged in a thunderbolt formation. The helmed button denotes Hero's position A thunderbolt formation for penetrating enemy formations

    Vajra Vyuha