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They were the greatest archers of their generation, each laying waste to thousands of enemy soldiers. At their disposal they had a vast array of fearsome celestial weapons. Their adolescent rivalry grew into a lifelong enmity that belied a mutual respect. Further fuelled by honour and loyalty, they engaged in an epic battle to the death on the seventeenth day of the war.

  1. Each deck consists of 30 cards each and comes with different abilities and effects unique to Arjuna and Karna’s warriors.
  2. Unique dice specially made and packed to resemble Legend of Vyas’ logo.
  3. Damage counter holding box. Stash away your tokens safely with this handy box.

Playing the Game

Each player needs a Hero card, a deck of 30 black back cards, 6 brown back cards to place on the battlefield at the start, and damage counters to keep track of Health Points (HP) lost. Each Hero starts with 40 HP. To win, reduce your opponent’s Hero to 0 HP.

Hero Card x 1
Black Card x 30
Brown Card x 6

The Cards

Each card is defined by the following properties.

  1. Energy required to use card
  2. Attack Damage (AD) inflicted on target
  3. Health Points (HP)
  4. Card Type
  5. Card Ability/Effect
Energy required to use card Attack Damage (AD)
inflicted on target
Health Points (HP) Card Type Card Ability/Effect

8 Different Card Types

There are 8 different card types in Legend of Vyas. As you play each card, you will get a glimpse into Vyas’ legend with the brief introduction provided below.

  • Hero
  • Warrior
  • Weapon
  • Spell
  • Astra
  • Adviser
  • Artefact
  • Formation

The battle lines have been drawn.